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LAND FOR SALE: Frequently asked questions

What does Investment Land offer?
We are a company that provides an opportunity for you to purchase Top Quality Freehold Land from Vendor's in UK. Read About Us

Where are we Located?
We are in Hertfordshire, Read Contact Us

If you dont speak English.
We can assist you in the following languages, English, Hindi, Punjabi and Nepali, Let us know in advance and we will arrange somone to assist you.

How long does it take to purchase the land?
You can either purchase in full now and get your Title Deeds immediately or if you prefer, you may make payments over a comfortable period of time after paying a small Deposit and the Title Deeds will be transferred to you upon receipt of full payment. We are also able to negotiate Interest Free Credit or 0% Finance Terms for you payable over a 4 to 5 year period.

Where is the Land located?
The Land is in the South East of England, U.K Land Available

Is this a long term Investment?
The land is presently being offered without planning permission and this is reflected in the price, but, the location and various other factors could suggest that there may well be future development potential (See BBC News). So, even though this might turn out to be a medium term investment, we advise you to hold and maintain a long term view. We cannot pin-point any length of time in years, that is your outlook. It is Public knowledge and is regularly in the News that the government needs to build 3 Million new homes and that approx 1.8 Million would have to be built on the greenbelt, it appears there is no other choice, the Greenbelt will have to be allocated to accomodate this development.

How do I proceed from here?
First you should look for a site that appeals to you on our website (Land Available) or from our brochure and once you have found it, give us a call to make an appointment to view. We will give you further instructions from there and subject to availability, someone will assist you right up to the completion of all the paperwork.(Contact Us)

Do I need a Lawyer?
Yes, of course In U.K. all the legalities are taken care of by a suitably qualified lawyer, we always appoint a lawyer to perform the completion and registration at H.M. Land Registry,we pay our Lawyers and you pay yours, therefore, we can all have a complete peace of mind.

What are the Office Working Hours?
The Office is normally operational from 9.30AM to 6.30PM, Monday to Saturday, however if you wish to meet with us, Please make an appointment first, as, we may be out of the office visiting a site, So, Call to Make an appointment, we can even arrange a suitable time out of these hours if required, So, please call us and we will do our best to assist you.

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