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Taking you from "Strength to Strength"

One Hundred years ago the World Human population was approx 1.5 Billion, today it is 6 Billion. In the UK alone there is a housing shortage of well over 3 Million homes. The UK population is going to rise to approx 67 Million by 2021, a rise of over 6.5 Million. Clearly the 3 Million homes that the Government plans to build by 2020 will not be enough to accomodate that rise. The SMF have clearly mentioned that 1.8 million New Homes will be built on Greenbelt.

This means that 60% of the New Homes will be built on Greenbelt. Therefore, would the case be strong in stating that Investing in Greenbelt land would be a wise move to make in U.K. for the future? What would you say? Our expertise is in providing you with Strategicaly located Freehold Land, From Vendor's who allow you to purchase quite comfortably over a 4 - 5 year period, on 0% or Interest Free Credit terms.

Our Company has been Built on Trust and Experience. We are regarded as the No-1 choice for serious investors. For those who are still new to the virtues of Land, we can help make the purchasing of land simple, easy and straightforward, while still upholding High legal Standards, Transparency and Professionalism.

Some people are still in disbelief about the greenbelt being built upon, the following was mentioned about Greenbelt in a news article, "It's land that many of the local people still innocently believe is protected. But, in the 50th anniversary year of the Green Belt, this land, and hundreds of square miles like it, is about to have its Green Belt status cancelled and its development controls torn up". (Evening Standard). This sums up what is really about to happen and should not leave any room for disbelief, infact this should boost everyones confidence to invest now.

Our Motto meanwhile is to provide you with, "Freehold Investment land, in the best possible locations and give you the easiest way to pay." It's always wise to spread one's investments to different areas since times keep changing, this way you may profit or see the appreciation in value at one or the other of your investment locations".

Families looking for a secure Long Term Investment need to look no further, "Investing in a prime piece of land, ensures long term security and gain. By investing in different locations (Land Banking) and increasing your portfolio of land, you are on the way forward. Land is an asset that is continously increasing in value and you gain by simply waiting. Once you are the owner you remain in control of that asset."

Factors are such as being close to existing development, having all amenities on or around the land and being in an area earmarked for future development Etc., should be an important criteria while chossing a plot.

Although, the sites are based in Greenbelts/Greenfields at present, We are sure that many of you have witnessed developments being carried out on the so called Greenbelts in the UK and across the world, See (BBC News) UK is no exception from any other developing country, it also needs to increase its housing stock just as much as any developing country does, in fact the demand for housing has reached a critical point in the UK presently.

We have an impressive selection from which you may choose from and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your long term investment."The demand for housing has risen so greatly in the U.K, this further compounds the fact that many more new residential developments are required urgently and the U.K.Govt. plans to build 3 Million new homes by 2020, out of the total of the 3 million new homes required, about 1.8 million of these homes will be built on Greenbelt land

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