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LAND FOR SALE: About why you need planning permission

Part 1: Why planning permission?

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No matter the situation, planning permission is always needed to develop onto your plot of land. Whether you are developing land, extending buildings or changing the use of land, permission is needed from the area council.

Some minor developments however, such as creating a small extension to your house or temporarily changing the use to your land, may be defined as 'permitted development' and so may not need a specific planning application. Regardless of whether or not you need to apply for planning permission for your work, you may still need other kinds of approval.

These could include:
Listed Building Consent
Conservation Area Consent
Tree Preservation Orders consent
Building Regulations consent
Signs and Advertisement consents

This is why purchasing land with existing planning permission is always a far more costly choice, where as land without planning permission in some cases costs a fraction of the price.

Factors such as being close to existing development, having all amenities on or around the land and being in an area earmarked for future development Etc., will all play a huge role in realizing a profit later on.

Go to Part 2: Prices with Planning permission