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Planning permission Granted in Bedfordshire.......

1.8 Million new homes to be built on Greenfield sites

Guildford...... 33,125 new homes each year till 2026

UK Govt to sell land for new homes

Rethink urged on Greenbelt land by Adam Smith Institute

Changes to Planning Policy to develop on Greenbelt .....

"Strength to Strength"

Why Invest In Land

The rise in the value of land has outstripped returns by many investments throughout the U.K.

Ask any wise man and he will tell you, that you never lose by investing in Land, It's always going up in value and the demand is forever increasing

"Never hesitate when buying land, buy it first and then relax and see it grow in value." Everything comes from this earth, Food, Gold, Diamonds, Minerals, Oil and indeed land sustains life.

It provides the foundation for all the buildings that you see before you, it is the timeless and the most wisest of all Investments.

Our Prices

The prices of our Plots are governed by the locations and key infrastruture development factors. No matter where you are located in the world, you will always purchase from us at the same price as the local people do in UK.

No more Land is being made, it is what it is

We will take you to view the land from our office in a suitable 4x4 vehicle, so that you may be able to view in comfort, please inform us as to how many people will be coming with you.

Call 0044 (0) 208 632 9087 To arrange for an appointment to view the land.

Taking you from "Strength to Strength"


Increase In value

Population will increase by 7 million people by 2021

3 Million new homes are planned to be built by the Govt. these will not be enough to accomodate the 7 million rise in population, therefore the prices will continue to rise

1.8 Million New Homes will have to be built on the Greenbelt by 2020", The Prime Minister's plans to tackle the Housing shortage

Become a part of the next Property Boom and Invest now, its the best time to purchase as the prices have been low for a few years now, contact us and find out how to Invest now.